Haltermann Carless – New subsidiary in Yokohama

Last autumn Haltermann Carless, a leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon specialties and solvents and a company of HCS Group, opened their first subsidiary in Asia in the city of Yokohama and thereby fosters the already strong tie with the Yokohama automotive market. The company is worldwide renowned for their performance fuels and their customer-defined solutions to local automotive industries. “Yokohama is an excellent location for us to expand our business. It gives us the opportunity to be close to our automobile and other industries customers while at the same time it offers reasonable business operational costs”, says Hisakazu Akiyama, Managing Director of Haltermann Carless Japan.

Cleaner Technologies

To introduce solutions to reduce carbon emissions and enhance efficiency, the company puts a lot of effort in research and development projects together with the major automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Hisakazu Akiyama explains: “I am delighted to support our highly developed automotive market with well-tested and progressive technologies from Europe to foster cleaner fuel or hybrid technologies and other technical solutions.”

Yokohama convinces with flair

When talking to Mr. Stubbe, the Chief Financial Officer of the HCS Group, he opened up about the decision to establish a subsidiary in Yokohama. As a businessman, you must consider the economic facts first and Yokohama offers a lot of economic advantages, compared to other cities in Japan. But on top of that, there were some personal reasons that helped the decision: When Yokohama opened its port to the West in 1859 for the first time, it was also the very beginning of Haltermann Carless – a beautiful coincidence that, with a twinkle in the eye, might speak of fate. Another reason is Yokohama’s international flair that keeps a healthy balance between business environment and providing for individual needs like recreation.

Mr. Stubbe expects the tie between his company and the Japanese market to grow even stronger because with the new subsidiary they can now keep the personal contact and foster the mutual understanding, whenever the customer needs it. He also expects to be able to add a lot of value to the Japanese automotive market and hopes for more companies to enter the healthy economic cycle in Yokohama.

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