Yokohama and Frankfurt initiate a new artist exchange!

Within the frame of the city partnership agreement between the city of Frankfurt and the city of Yokohama, a new exchange program sending and welcoming artists to and from Yokohama will start in November. Justus Becker, a street artist from Frankfurt, widely known under the nickname COR (heart), will be the first to go to Yokohama. He will visit the University of the arts Yokohama and hold a graffiti workshop for 20 students, teaching them how to create an art with spray cans that’s far away from the boring tags (personalized signatures). Like for many other street artists, tags might have been the starting point for him, too. However, the pieces he now creates are high-level art.

 He will not only prove that in the workshop, in which the students are going to create a graffiti piece on wooden boards. He also created a major wall piece especially for this occasion that he will spray onto one of the university’s buildings’ wall.

On that day, Justus Becker will be supported by the wall painter and VR artist Kasumi Yoshida from Tokyo, accompanied by Sony Media. Our office will accompany Mr. Becker as well and enthusiastically support him and this artist exchange. Next year we hope to welcome an artist or even an artist group from Yokohama that can promote the city partnership vice-versa.

Artwork ©Justus Becker

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