The student exchange in the best hands

Not all details of the new student exchange which will take place this year between the Ried School Frankfurt and the Sakuragaoka High School Yokohama have yet been clarified, but the Ried School has already been busy looking after exchange students from Yokohama for a long time.
Of course, the school has been doing this not only since yesterday but for several years now. So this March, two exchange students from Yokohama in Frankfurt were welcomed by the city of Frankfurt in the Römer and had a host family with students from the Ried School.

The interest in Yokohama grows

But even after that another two guest students who came to Frankfurt at the end of March from the Japanese-German Society as winners of a competition also found a friendly home with pupils from the Ried School. The study coordinator, Dr. Lembeck, saw this second exchange as an opportunity to introduce more students to the exchange between Japan and Germany or to give more students the opportunity to participate in it.
Unfortunately, only 15 of the 500 students can go to Yokohama in autumn, even though the number of applicants is high. The Japan fans of the school also participate in the school's Japan Club every week and the exchange students from Yokohama were able to visit them as well.

In April we also visited the Japan Club and gave the students an impression of the city in advance, which they will get to know better in the near future. This first presentation was about Yokohama's special features and sights. The students could see how the big harbor city is presented in the anime, a topic that especially fascinates the young generation, and at the end take home a recipe of the typical ramen dish Sanmamen.

Since the students are not only interested in culture but also in history and politics, we will visit them again shortly before the big trip and provide further information about Yokohama.

For the partner cities Yokohama and Frankfurt, Ried School is a strong partner that makes a decisive contribution to bringing forth cosmopolitan, tolerant and educated young personalities by promoting this exchange program.

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