Texi Yokohama shows sustainable crafts at Ambiente 2019

For the fourth year in a row, the creative heads of texi yokohama exhibited their sustainable crafts at Ambiente in Frankfurt. In a total of nine Messe Frankfurt hall complexes, over 4400 manufacturers in the Living, Giving and Dining segments presented the latest trends and were noticed by 136,000 visitors from 166 countries. (Report: Ambiente 2019  )

This time Texi yokohama exhibited together with some other Japanese manufacturers in hall 8. Most of the exhibitors focused on using traditional craftsmanship in a new product line to revive the declining traditional businesses, but also on tackling ongoing environmental problems by improving or adapting production methods. Overall, both exhibitors and visitors showed a high level of awareness and interest in the well-known 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Sustainable Crafts

The designers and companies involved in texi yokohama have also made these three Rs their flags. The Blister Pack Clock is an example of how the production of food packaging can not only create short-lived disposable objects, but also elegant products that can be used in the long term. Because should this watch fall down, it does not break so easily. The material is super-light and elastic enough to allow the dial and case to separate from each other and then be reassembled rather than cracking or showing other damage. The same applies to the Blisterpack picture frames.

In addition, texi yokohama is one of the very few who dare to recycle airbags at all. While 95% of a vehicle can be recycled, this is usually not the case with airbags. But texi yokohama proves that it's worth it: the old airbags become durable bags with interesting designs. As part of texi yokohama, the Rebirth Project is strongly committed to upcycling and shows that something modern can emerge from the old.

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