Review: The Triennale 2017 in Yokohama

This year’s Triennale exhibition ended on November 5th, 2017. After three months 259.000 people visited the main exhibition and the surrounding events. It seems that the theme ‚Connectivity and Isolation‘, was very zeitgeisty, because the event organizers noticed the fact, that over the years the audience became more and more international. Also, the Triennale reached both young and old and created a frame for what the organizers hoped to happen: It formed a connection among the visitors to start a dialogue about art and contemporary topics and stimulated the imagination.

The exhibition was not limited to paintings or contemporary room installations but included cinema shows, photography, sound- and light installations and many other forms of art. On top of that, the exhibition did not only display artwork from Japan, but also from many other countries and in various languages. This not only means that there was something to find for everybody’s liking, but also that every beholder was inspired to think and to speak about the displayed artworks.

From our office, Saskia Kordatzki visited the exhibition in the Yokohama Museum of Art and was fascinated with the variety of the displayed art. Here you can read some impressions.

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