New school exchange will deepen the city partnership!

On Tuesday, November 14, the school partnership agreement between the Yokohama Sakuragaoka highschool and the Schule am Ried in Frankfurt was signed. In the frame of the city partnership between the City of Yokohama and the City of Frankfurt, groups of students will visit their partner school, join the lessons and live in host families. Such an exchange will cause many new friendships among the students, but also a deep connection between the schools


Common Goals

Both schools have an education in common that fosters independence, self-determination, as well as respect, individuality, and talents. And both sides sincerely hope that this agreement will further strengthen the ties between Japan and Germany and help to learn from the different culture. The students will be able to tell their experiences and thereby motivate others to also visit the partner city. More importantly, the students will receive a treasure trove of experiences that will accompany them and shape them for a lifetime.


The principal of the Sakuragaoka highschool, Hisao Nakajima uttered, it was a huge joy for him to have the agreement be signed at the same time as the 90th anniversary taking place at his school. He wishes for his students, they could learn from the other culture and become international and open-minded people.

Christof Gans, head of the Schule am Ried was very glad about the agreement, as well. He sees big chances in this exchange, not only for his students but also for his colleagues who will profit from the program in the form of extraordinary experiences.  He always experienced the Japanese culture and the Japanese people as very warm-hearted and wishes the participants to develop a deep connection with each other.
The precise plans for the upcoming program are in the making so that the first visit of a school group can already start in 2018. The city partnership and the friendship between Yokohama and Frankfurt will be deepened even further by this new school partnership and is a big reason to rejoice.

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