Luminale Frankfurt 2018 – Zero Reiko Ishihara’s ‚Guardians‘ from the series ‚Aquarium‘

The Luminale is Frankfurt‘s biennial for light art and urban design. 2002 the Messe Frankfurt founded the light festival as a framework program of the Light + Building trade fair for lighting and building technology and since takes place every two years in Frankfurt and Offenbach. More than 200.000 visitors cherish this festival as a major part of the cultural life in the Rhine-Main area.

This year the City of Yokohama Office Frankfurt supports the Japanese artist Zero Reiko Ishihara, who lives in Frankfurt since 2005 and graduated from the art master college Städelschule in Frankfurt. She is also a very active member of the Frankfurt Yokohama Citizens Network and strongly committed to fostering the German-Japanese friendship.

The essence of her artwork often speaks of transformation, depicted in the possible metamorphosis of a wormlike form that might morph into a butterfly one day. With her new installation, called ‘Guardians’ from the series ‚Aquarium ‘, she expresses transformation with changing lights and shadows at the Festhalle, directly in front of the Messe entry.

The famous wormlike organic forms will be applied on the window panes with translucent colored foil. During the daytime, when the sun casts light onto the forms, the colored shadows will be seen inside the Festhalle station. In the evening a light installation will project the colored shadows outside of the station. Like the colors and the forms of the shadows change with different lighting conditions, maybe also the people walking through these shadows undergo changes.

Further information about the Luminale you can find here.

©Zero Reiko Ishihara, VG Bild & Kunst

2,3, Foto: (Foto Claudia Masur)

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