Kaiko – German-Japanese Economic Dialogue in the Chamber of Commerce Offenbach

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Offenbach and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Frankfurt hold a workshop for business exchange every year and so on November 20, 2019 a German-Japanese Economic Dialogue took place at the same time as the Compamed and the Jetro Seminars in Helsinki and Düsseldorf at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Offenbach. While the Chief Representative managed the aforementioned events, Ms. Kordatzki took part in the business dialogue and exhibited a Yokohama stand to promote Yokohama as a business location and to network with the participants.

This year's main topics were "Artificial Intelligence in the Working Environment of the Future" and the German-Japanese Trade Agreement that came into force in February. In addition to the panel discussions on these topics, eight workshops and networking took place. In addition to Yokohama, eight other exhibitors exhibited at a stand.

With topics such as "Sales in Japan", "Meetings with Japanese Business Partners" or "German Business Culture", the workshops focused on the deeper understanding of the economy and culture between the two countries.

Since some participants visited the stands instead of participating in the workshops, the Yokohama stand was also visited during the workshop times. Start-up representatives, businessmen interested in the Japanese market as well as people who lived and worked in Yokohama came to the stand and informed themselves about the city. Thus this business dialogue was a good opportunity to present Yokohama's strength as a business location.

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