Investing in Yokohama – Business seminar in Finland

In the beginning of December, the Chief Representative attended an economic seminar in Helsinki, Finland. The focus of this seminar, conducted by JETRO, was on companies, interested in investing in Japan and Mr. Tamai had the chance to do a presentation on Yokohama’s business opportunities and exhibit an information booth.

Like when exhibiting an information booth in Lyon at the Emperor’s birthday reception, it was clear to see that the IT- and Bio Life Science-networks ITOP and LIP Yokohama gained the main focus, since they complete the whole business package Yokohama: Easy access, cost efficiency, fast introduction to suppliers and distributors, incentives and government support and on top of all that a network between not only companies, but also with research institutes and the government, which in total grants companies that invest in Yokohama a fast and successful development.

In the past few months, Mr. Tamai had several opportunities to attend such seminars for interested companies and will continue to present Yokohama’s attractive business environment at future seminars. We will keep you informed where and when you can meet him, but you are always welcome to directly contact us to talk about your company’s business opportunities in Yokohama.

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