German Start-up support company CROSSBIE UG opens subsidy in Yokohama!


We are pleased to announce, that the Berlin-based entrepreneurial company CROSSBIE UG has expanded to Japan and established a Japanese subsidiary called CROSSBIE JAPAN K.K., in Yokohama.


CROSSBIE supports open innovation and global business for start-ups in both Japan and Europe. In June this year, an event was hosted in collaboration with the German innovation community, The Drivery, for the company's entry into the Japanese market.



Yokohama has been selected as a "Global Hub City" by the Japanese government, and is also cooperating with The Drivery and CROSSBIE's support program for Japanese and European start-ups, with the aim of creating start-ups that are active on the world stage.

Chika Yamamoto, CEO of CROSSBIE UG, commented on the expansion as follows:

"CROSSBIE aims to build an innovation ecosystem that spans Europe and Japan, breaking down the barriers between domestic and foreign demand and supporting the development of global businesses on a problem-solving basis.

With the support of the Yokohama Economic Affairs Bureau and in collaboration with The Drivery, we have launched CROSSBIE JAPAN, a program that connects the European start-up ecosystem with Japan. We are committed to supporting companies that want to grow faster in a fast-changing global market."

If, like this company, you are interested in expanding your business to Yokohama, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Adress:  3-chōme−35, Onoechō, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0015 Japan

Representatives: Chika Yamamoto (Germany), Atsushi Kondo (Japan)

Business content:  Global business and innovation support for Japanese and European start-ups

Opening: September 2021





Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The company takes its name from the Cross Border Innovation Ecosystem. Through its activities as a partner of JETRO's Global Acceleration Hub in Berlin, it actively supports Japanese startups to enter Europe and European startups to enter Japan.

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□The Drivery

Established in 2019. It operates an innovation center in Berlin, Germany, specializing in the mobility sector (e.g. automotive industry). It attracts startups, large companies and investors from Germany and abroad and has generated more than 650 billion yen (approx. 5 billion €)  in funding in the two years since opening. CROSSBIE is currently looking for Japanese startups to join its local partner program in Japan, which supports startups in Japan to enter the European market and open innovation between European startups and Japanese companies.

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