European Representative Office



Welcome to the web page of the City of Yokohama Europe Representative Office!

My name is Takeshi TAMAI, I was assigned as the Chief Representative of The City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office from April 2018.

After I experienced duties at a private enterprise, a National Institute, UN agency, and etc, I joined the City of Yokohama in 2012.

Since becoming a public officer at the city of Yokohama, I gained experience in the administrative practices for three years.  Then I moved to the International Affairs Bureau in 2015 and took charge of international relations with Asia and Oceania.

It is my first time to work in Europe, but I would like to make use of my experiences at our office.

The City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office was established in 1997. We have been supporting companies from Yokohama in entering the European market, providing information about Yokohama as a business location and incentive programs for European companies to settle in Yokohama, and communicating with European partner and sister cities and ports for about 20 years. I will also engage myself in such duties and I hope to act as a bridge between Yokohama and Europe.

Yokohama is a well-known port town with a population of about 3.7 million inhabitants, located 25 minutes both from the center of Tokyo and from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). The Port of Yokohama is one of the leading international trading ports in Japan. We boast highly cost-effective office rents compared with Tokyo, a high number of researchers and engineers, and an excellent environment of living and education, and moreover, urban infrastructure maintenance of Yokohama is supposed to progress greatly for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

Yokohama is also a fascinating place for sightseeing, For example, "Sankeien Garden" is a spacious, genuine Japanese garden created by Sankei Hara, a wealthy businessman in the silk trade. "Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum" and "Cupnoodles Museum" are unique theme parks for food, especially ramen noodles. These spots are very popular with foreigners.

It is my sincere hope that you will consider Yokohama as a location for your business. And if you are traveling in Japan, please come to visit Yokohama.

If you require any information or have any questions about Yokohama, please feel free to e-mail me. It will be my great pleasure to help you get to know my beautiful and vibrant city.

Sincerely yours,

Takeshi Tamai

Our Mission

  • encourage economic cooperation, be it on the administrative level or between companies
  • attract European investment and business interests to Yokohama
  • support Yokohama businesses to become more active in the European market
  • conduct information exchange between Yokohama and Europe


On a day to day basis we:

  • provide detailed information on Yokohama and the Japanese market in general to interested European companies and administrations: market research, feasibility studies, Yokohama land and rent prices, office and production site locations, etc.
  • introduce European companies to potential business partners or distributors in Yokohama
  • coordinate business missions to Yokohama, tailored to specific interests and including tours of business facilities, project sites, and government offices
  • assist European companies who plan to invest in Yokohama in obtaining financial support from the Yokohama City Government

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us