Yokohama’s Life Innovation and IT Expertise – A Network made for Your Company!

When it comes to why Yokohama is the best choice for your move to Japan, the main point is that your business can interconnect. Of course, this includes suppliers and customers, but you can also benefit from the concentrated knowledge of research and development in the areas of bio-life science and IT. Here, you can network not only with other companies free of charge, but also with universities and research institutes, and thus quickly and effectively advance the progress of your company as well as the overall state of research and development. These networks specifically support small and medium-sized companies and ensure the continuous development of cutting-edge technologies.

At the frontlines of continuous innovation - LIP Yokohama

The Life Innovation Platform Yokohama (LIP) can connect you not only with Yokohama's leading universities, medical institutes, research institutes and other companies in the industry and the city administration, it also offers consulting and support opportunities for your business, both on a financial and knowledge level.

This network includes 26 universities, 180 research institutes, 9000 Bio Life Science related companies, and 3104 medical institutes. In addition to the above-mentioned forms of support, this platform offers Open Innovation conferences as matching events, seminar support to develop business plans and support at trade fairs and exhibitions in Japan and abroad. Finally, this network is linked to Yokohama's twin city San Diego in the USA through the BIOCOM network.

Yokohama as a wellspring of IOT business models - ITOP Yokohama

The IoT Open Innovation Partners (ITOP) network beyond the boundaries of industry and company size. 6000 manufacturing companies and 3000 IT companies, as well as the agricultural, forestry, transport, service and retail industries, are linked to universities, research institutes, NPOs, public service organizations, banks, and the Kanagawa Prefectural Government, even the national government. In addition to matching sessions, support for the development of business plans and support for appearances at trade fairs and exhibitions, start-ups and projects are promoted and human resources are enhanced through training seminars.

Using synergy and networking more widely

What only one of these two networks can do innovatively is doubled by connecting to the second network. Both LIP and ITOP use each other's expertise to further develop new ideas and technologies. The evaluation of medical data using artificial intelligence for the further development of medical devices or the use of IT technologies in the healthcare sector are just two examples of the synergy effects of the fusion of the two networks.

Join the network!

You can join these networks free of charge and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and opportunities for your business. The general exchange is likewise free, but some seminars may require a participation fee. If you are interested in working with these networks or would like to know which companies and institutes you can connect with, please contact us. The homepages are currently being set up, but here you can already see the brochures of LIP and ITOP.

For more information about Yokohama's IT and Bio clusters, as well as the research institutes, see the summary of why Yokohama is interesting for you.