City Relations

The partnership between Frankfurt and Yokohama

1997 the City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office has been established

2011, the year of 150 years of German-Japanese correspondence, Frankfurt and Yokohama embraced the opportunity to strike up friendship-ties. Aiming to the benefit of both partner cities, economy, climate change countermeasures and culture and fine arts creating cities became the three main fields of exchange and cooperation contributing to the development of both cities. In order to foster the interchange, the goal is to especially intensify the cooperation with young people. In this course the mayors of Yokohama and Frankfurt paid each other a visit to exchange ideas and tighten the bond with several activities such as visiting universities and high schools, holding economy seminars.

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Even the younger generations are being involved in the exchange of the partner cities. During a high school student’s exchange, including a homestay, the students were able to get to know each other and their partner cities and to get in touch with the different cultures. An experience which sincerely broadened their horizon and won’t be forgotten.

2016 this partnership had its 5th anniversary that was merrily celebrated with both parties in the Frankfurt city hall’s prestigious emperor’s hall, named ‘Kaisersaal’,  -alongside with other German-Japanese exchange related anniversaries -,hosted by the City of Frankfurt.

ADB Annual Meeting and Visit of Mayor Fumiko Hayashi to Frankfurt

From 2 till 5 May 2016, the 49th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) took place in Frankfurt, with the motto "Cooperating for Sustainability". As Yokohama will host the next Annual Meeting in May 2017, a delegation visited Frankfurt to attend the conference and promote Yokohama.
ADB Annual Meeting 2016

Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, who headed the delegation, participated as a panelist in the seminar "Toward Cities of the Future – Delivered, Driven or Demanded?", and spoke about measures Yokohama is taking towards greater environmental and social sustainability.
ADB Annual Meeting Seminar 2016

50th ADB Annual Meeting Yokohama 2017

In May 2017, the 50th Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting will be held in Yokohama. Yokohama City is preparing for the meeting with concept “Building Together the Prosperity of Asia.”

Meeting Dates and Venues
・Date: May 4 (Thu.) to 7 (Sun.), 2017
・Venues: PACIFICO Yokohama and nearly hotels
・Participants: Approx. 3,000-5,000 persons (Including finance ministers from each country, central bank presidents, private-sector financial institution representatives, NGO representatives, members of the press and others)
ADB Annual Meeting 2017

International Policy of Yokohama City

Since the opening of the port, Yokohama actively built an international collaboration network and hence follows the motto 'growing Yokohama, together with the growing world'. Through exchange with various overseas cities, efforts of local international organizations and more Yokohama aims to a growing economy and sustainability, as much as a safer and more peaceful world.
The city also fosters community development efforts aiming at improving a more comfortable living among the people as well as the participation in activities of both Japanese and foreign residents, by making use of the various cultures.

The International Affairs Bureau

The Yokohama International Strategy

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