Frankfurt receives exchange students from Yokohama

With the initiative ‘Show the world to the youth’, Yokohama supports secondary school students (10th grade) and provides them with the opportunity to see other countries to broaden their horizon. Within this program, the two students Go Kuroki and Michinaga Fujiwara visited the Schule am Ried Secondary School from March 20th till the end of the month.

On the 23rd the city of Frankfurt invited the students to a reception in the town hall and thanked the involved parties like the German-Japanese Association Frankfurt, the Yokohama Citizens’ Network, the school, the parents and the Yokohama City Office Frankfurt. In the famous emperor’s hall, the students received a small tour through the history of the emperors and afterwards learned about the Yokohama City Office’s and Consulate General’s work by visiting them.


Yokohama and 3 Companies on the CeBIT 2017

With the partnering country, the CeBIT stands for the first time in the sign of the rising sun. Yokohama took this opportunity to also dare the step onto the world’s biggest IT fair for the very first time. Together with IDEC, a company supporting organization, Yokohama and three IT companies from Yokohama, FalconDenshi, Infinitegra and V-Tech, displayed their information and newest technologies at a booth.

The fair wasn’t only a success from the viewpoint of promoting the companies and tying new business bonds, but also in strengthening the ties between Yokohama and Germany. The head of the small- and medium-size Companies Bureau of Lower Saxony, Mr. Borchers, visited the booth and exchanged information and ideas about the displayed technologies, the support of companies, economy growth and possible solutions to social problems.

More information about the three companies from Yokohama you can find here:
Infinitegra Homepage 


Garden Necklace Yokohama 2017 – Yokohama is flourishing!

For the 33rd time the National Urban Greenery Fair Yokohama (Garden Necklace Yokohama 2017) will be held in Yokohama. From Saturday, March 25, to Sunday, June 4, 2017 the fair will advertise the results of the many green initiatives that the City of Yokohama has shown such leadership in carrying out, and it will spread information on Yokohama as a city of beautiful flowers and lush greenery. With the concept “Yokohama — a city of history and the future” the Minato Garden will connect the main parks with flowers and fill the whole urban area with flowers and greenery.


Hilights of Minato Garden:
-Three Rose Garden (in Yamashita Park and Harbor View Park)
-Decoration of Nihonodori street with “theme flowers”
-Green cubes (booths surrounded by greenery) appearing in Grand Mall Park
-Tulip beds in Yokohama parks
-Garden Bear no Niwa (in Zou-no-hana Park)
-Garden exhibits (in Zou-no-hana Park, Shinko Central Square and Unga Park)

In the Satoyama Garden, next to the Zoorasia Zoo, there will be recreational for the whole family that make the most of the original geographical features and trees.


Hilights of Satoyama Garden:
-Exciting acrobatics in the forest
-A one-hectare flowerbed full of spring flowers
-A bustling entrance square where visitors’ anticipation about the forest will grow
-A forest workshop

Mar. 25 (Sat.) to Jun. 4 (Sun.), 2017

Minato Gardens (Urban Coastal Area) Yamashita Park, Grand Mall Park, Minato-no-mieru, Oka Park, Yokohama Park, Nihon-Odori avenue, Zou-no-Hana Park, Shinko Central Plaza, Canal Park · Satoyama garden (suburban venue) Yokohama Animal Forest Park Botanic Gardens Planned Area

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2017 (japanese only)


3 Companies from Yokohama at Cebit 2017

Get to know more about Yokohama and your business opportunities with this prospering city at our booth in the Japan Pavilion, Hall 4. Also, get to know three possible business partners, that came from Yokohama to introduce their innovative companies.

Infinitegra’s specialty is high-performance camera technology, like thermal cameras and webcams with software programs and apps.
Infinitegra Homepage

Verification Technology Inc., or VTech is an expert for troubleshooting software, LSI verification, LSI Performance verification and IP Design Services.
VTech Homepage

Falcon Denshi K.K. offers auto programming systems for mass production and 3D scan systems, widely used in the semi-conductor industry.
Falcon Denshi Homepage

Visit us, we are happy to support your networking and answer your questions.


Blossom Festival Frankfurt-Lohrberg

On Sunday, April 23rd, there will be a beautiful festival at Frankfurt's highest spot, the Lohrberg. Enjoy the view of wonderful fruits trees’ blossoms and the cityscape in the background, Japanese and German food, the famous apple wine, traditional Bon Odori performances and many more attractions for every age.
The Yokohama Citizens Network Association will take part at this event promoting Yokohama and introducing Japanese culture to the visitors with calligraphy and a special mix of Japanese and German cuisine you might never have the chance again to experience.

As special guests, city council members from Frankfurt and Yokohama will be expected among other authorities and orators.

Please find the invitation with all necessary information (in German and Japanese) here.


Cherry Blossom Festivals in Yokohama

Sankeien Cherry Blossom Night Viewing 2017

You might have heard of the Japanese way of appreciating the beauty of the flowers, especially the famous cherry blossom. Naturally, in a traditional Japanese garden, you can find an outstanding view of these blossoms. That is why the Sankeien Garden with its over 174,000 sqm. is one of the best places to view the blossoms. This year the Sankeien Garden extends its opening hours again during the full blossom season and illuminate the beautiful cherry blossom trees so that visitors can enjoy the scent and view of these special blossoms even at night.
(Entrance until 20:30, closes at 21:00) On top of that, as a highlight, the huge Tomyoji’s three-story pagoda is lit up on top of the hill.

Dates                Mar. 25 (Sat.) to Apr. 9 (Sun.), 2017

Venue             Sankeien Garden

URL               Sankeien Garden Cherry Blossom Night View


Blossom Festival Frankfurt-Lohrberg

Not only the Japanese enjoy the beautiful blossoms blooming, but also the Germans love to celebrate the arrival of spring. This year in April there will be a beautiful blossom festival at Frankfurt’s highest place. The Frankfurt Yokohama Citizen Network Association will participate and introduce Yokohama's and Japan’s culture to the visitors.
For more information, look at our Upcoming Activities and stay tuned for coming news on this event.


Texi Yokohama at Ambiente Frankfurt

As part of the larger plan of opening up the market, some chosen products designed under the label「texi yokohama」were displayed at the international trade fair Ambiente, known for exhibiting a variety of the world’s finest goods, from February 10th to 14th.


Among these chosen products, especially the colorful ‘Blister-Pack Clock’ was in high demand, a clock made with the same technology that is used for wrapping medicine and food products to create a very light and user-friendly result.

Please find more information on the exhibited products here: Texi Yokohama 2017

For more information on the Texi Yokohama brand, please also see our former post.





5 Years of close Friendship and City Partnership

On October 27th, the City of Frankfurt hosted a big anniversary celebration in the Town Hall’s prestigious Emperors’ Hall. Next to the 60th anniversary of the German-Japanese Association Frankfurt and the 45th anniversary of the Association of Japanese Companies in Frankfurt, the city of Yokohama celebrated 5 years of close friendship and city partnership with the city of Frankfurt.
As part of the anniversary, President Isamu Hayase and member of the board Shinji Saito paid the Frankfurt City Administration a courtesy visit to express their gratitude for the lively commitment of both cities manifesting in a variety of activities and opportunities to deepen the relationship. Both parties emphasized their wish to make the care of the elderly a specific topic in terms of corporation and counseling in the near future.