20. anniversary of the Yokohama Representative Office in Frankfurt!

Our office was already established in 1962 in Hamburg, even before the port became the sister port of Yokohama. This year we are celebrating the 20. anniversary after the relocation to Frankfurt. On November 15th, we celebrated this event with a lunch together with the many persons who have always supported us. We were lucky to have deputy mayor Ursula Fechter and deputy consul Yoshitaka Tsunoda as our guests who said some greeting words.

The executive directors Mr. Isamu Ishikawa from the International Affairs Bureau and Mr. Noriaki Okura from the Climate Change Policy Office visited Frankfurt on this behalf and took the opportunity to meet Wiebke Fiebig, executive director of the Energy Department Frankfurt, in the morning in the Römer town hall and to talk about Frankfurt’s new climate protection campaign. After the anniversary lunch, they had the chance to visit the Industry Park Höchst and to join a guided tour in one of the newly implemented hydrogen buses.



Review: The Triennale 2017 in Yokohama

This year’s Triennale exhibition ended on November 5th, 2017. After three months 259.000 people visited the main exhibition and the surrounding events. It seems that the theme ‚Connectivity and Isolation‘, was very zeitgeisty, because the event organizers noticed the fact, that over the years the audience became more and more international. Also, the Triennale reached both young and old and created a frame for what the organizers hoped to happen: It formed a connection among the visitors to start a dialogue about art and contemporary topics and stimulated the imagination.

The exhibition was not limited to paintings or contemporary room installations but included cinema shows, photography, sound- and light installations and many other forms of art. On top of that, the exhibition did not only display artwork from Japan, but also from many other countries and in various languages. This not only means that there was something to find for everybody’s liking, but also that every beholder was inspired to think and to speak about the displayed artworks.

From our office, Saskia Kordatzki visited the exhibition in the Yokohama Museum of Art and was fascinated with the variety of the displayed art. Here you can read some impressions.


Christmas market in the famous Red Brick Warehouse

Legend has it, that the tradition of the Christmas market started in Germany, in Frankfurt in the year 1393. Whether that is true or not, ever since people celebrate this last month of the year with Christmas markets and Yokohama is no exception. For 31 days, the tradition will live on in the famous Red Brick Warehouse, where the citizens of Yokohama also celebrate the Oktoberfest. Even if the Advent season and the Christian concept of this tradition are not as important in Japan, the Christmas market has won the hearts of the citizens of Yokohama and attracts friends, couples, and families.

Since 2010 you can enjoy ice-skating, German specialties, hot wine and the famous stollen cake. The western look of the Redbrick Warehouse only supports the authentic feeling that arises when strolling through the beautifully designed stalls.  A huge fir, decorated as a christmas tree and the many lights will let you warm up from the freezing temperatures.

From November 25th till December 25th more than 80.000 visitors are expected to come and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

More information you can find here.

Many more beautiful impressions you can find on the Japanese page.


Yokohama and Frankfurt initiate a new artist exchange!

Within the frame of the city partnership agreement between the city of Frankfurt and the city of Yokohama, a new exchange program sending and welcoming artists to and from Yokohama will start in November. Justus Becker, a street artist from Frankfurt, widely known under the nickname COR (heart), will be the first to go to Yokohama. He will visit the University of the arts Yokohama and hold a graffiti workshop for 20 students, teaching them how to create an art with spray cans that’s far away from the boring tags (personalized signatures). Like for many other street artists, tags might have been the starting point for him, too. However, the pieces he now creates are high-level art.

 He will not only prove that in the workshop, in which the students are going to create a graffiti piece on wooden boards. He also created a major wall piece especially for this occasion that he will spray onto one of the university’s buildings’ wall.

On that day, Justus Becker will be supported by the wall painter and VR artist Kasumi Yoshida from Tokyo, accompanied by Sony Media. Our office will accompany Mr. Becker as well and enthusiastically support him and this artist exchange. Next year we hope to welcome an artist or even an artist group from Yokohama that can promote the city partnership vice-versa.

Artwork ©Justus Becker


One day of Japan-fever in London!

Like the last years, thousands of fans of the Japanese culture came to see the many food- and mascot-stalls and stage artists on the Trafalgar Square. Prefectures, cities and Japanese brands introduced themselves and the people could buy Yukata, typical Japanese porcelain tableware or get a photo with the famous Domokun. The many things to see and the warm and sunny weather made the Japan Matsuri a real success.

Distributing information

Like on the Japan Day in Düsseldorf, we were asked many questions about Yokohama and could promote the city’s beauty.

Since England, Scotland and Wales qualified for the Rugby Worldcup 2019, we were happy to announce the final game taking place in Yokohama, as well as the Olympia training’s camp for the English team 2020.

To run the stall smoothly, we received dedicated support from Ms. Takakuwa from the CLAIR London office and Mr. Shimizu of the Bank of Yokohama London Representative Office.


OMB Management GMBH opened new Headquarter in Yokohama

In addition to the German and Australian headquarter, OMB Management GmbH opened another headquarter in Yokohama. The company is focused on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are interested in trade and expansion from Asian countries or Australia to Europe and vice versa and constructs suitable sales strategies and business plans. The concept is put into action together so that SMEs can thrive in the international market.

OMB Japan Co. Ltd.
TOC Minato Mirai 10F, 1-1-7 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, 231-0062 Yokohama, Japan

Mr. Michael Eckardt

May, 2017

Ms. Hiroko Nomura

+81 45 228 5181



OMB Management GmbH
Gabriele-Münter-Weg 10, 32657 Lemgo, Deutschland

May 9, 2016

OMB Management GmbH

You are also interested in the Japanese market and especially in Yokohama? Call us and talk with us about your business opportunities.

Celebrated since 2003 – Big Oktoberfest in Yokohama

The traditional Oktoberfest celebrated since 1810 in Munich, Germany, you can also find being celebrated in Yokohama since 2003. The huge and joyful festival takes place around the famous red brick warehouse, that was inspired by the German architecture, every year.

From September 29th till October 15th, people will take their leather pants and dirndls and dance to the special music of accordion and trumpet for the 16th time. The Japanese way of celebrating this event naturally differs a little from the original, so that the festival receives its very own unique style and feeling.

Sep 29th (Fri) – Oct 15th 2017 (Sun), Mon-Fri 12:00 – 21:30, Sat, Sun & holidays 11:00-21:30


Japan’s biggest forest of moving and roaring dinosaurs!

Life-sized dinosaurs of various species are moving through the woods of Yokohama and let their typical screams be heard. Till September 3rd you can experience the tremendous primordial beings in a big exhibition. The skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Deinonychus and more are provided by the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research of USA, leading in paleontological excavations. A very rare fossil specimen of ornithomimosaurian, a bird mimicking dinosaur, also known as ostrich dinosaurs, because of its shape of a ratite.

Dates: Jul. 15th(Sat.) to Sep. 3rd(Sun.), 2017

Hours: 10am to 4:30pm (last entry 4pm)

Venue: PACIFICO YOKOHAMA Exhibition Hall A

More pictures you can find here (Japanese only)


Big Pikachu-Outbreak in Yokohama!

This summer Yokohama and Pokemon KK arrange a huge Pikachu festival week for the fourth time and thereby advertise the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The title of the event already promises a lot of Pikachus, but also other characters from the Pokemon world will be seen in the city.

In the week from August 9th till 15th, there will be many colorful events around Minato Mirai. The main event will be the big Pikachu Carnival Parade with hundreds of Pikachus and dancers, moving to Latin-American beats. And that’s not it: The Pikachus will take over air and sea as well. You will find a 17m long Pikachu zeppelin hovering over the city and even a Pikachu boat.

For all fans of the Pokemon game series, there will be a big Pokemon Go event and a Pokemon Stadium.

More information and the full program you can find here!

all rights for the photos in this article belong to:

©2017 Pokémon. ©1995-2017 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.


Japan Festival in Munich

Those who’ve been to the Japan Day in Düsseldorf might think they have seen it all. But the slightly smaller Japan Festival in Munich has its very own charm. In the heart of the English garden, Ikebana-artwork, Haiku-poets, and Kendo- or Judo-groups blended in with the scenery as if they have always been there. Of course, the Japanese teahouse is an especially fitting place where tea ceremonies could be enjoyed.

Growing Interest in Japan and Yokohama

The endeavor of Japanese local governments, to attract more tourists into their beautiful regions seems to bear more and more fruit. Many wish to get to know Japan from all angles and plan longer roundtrips with the JR-pass. We are very happy, that also Yokohama gains more and more awareness and that on this day many uttered, that a trip to Yokohama would fit very well into their roundtrip schedule. Some who visited our booth were so amused by the idea of an instant-noodle museum and a ramen museum, that they now want to see it themselves.

Growing Cosplay Community


With this great weather and more than summerly warmth, there was no Japan-fan missing a thing: There was a colorful stage program with Japanese dance and songs, many booths at which one could directly get in touch with Japan’s tradition and martial arts and, of course, many Japanese delicacies. The growing cosplay community also enjoyed probing their self-made weapons in show-fights and present themselves with their fancy costumes.