Yokohama again guest in the English Garden!

On July 15th, the Japan Festival in Munich once again offered exceptionally good weather, where those interested in Japan could not only inform themselves about the country of their dreams, but could also actively participate in cultural events such as ikebana, taiko drumming or martial arts.

The English garden with its greenery, water and of course the Japanese tea house is the perfect setting for such a festival, which cosplayers like to use to present their often homemade outfits.

The Chief Representative, Mr. Tamai, was able to meet many interested people during his first visit to this festival and introduce Yokohama to them. In cooperation with the Japanese Consulate General in Munich, he presented Japan's second largest city at a stand and convinced some of the visitors of a visit in the near future.

Many are interested in round trips through Japan, for example with the JR Pass and start their adventure from Tokyo. Such travellers were delighted to hear that Yokohama is only 15 minutes away by Shinkansen and has something exciting to offer for all interests.

On our homepage you will find some of these exciting destinations, such as the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise or the Ramen Museum. If you are planning a trip, whether private or business, please contact us with your questions and give us a call.


The city partnership-artist exchange dances into the next round!

Dancer Yo Nakamura studied contemporary dance with Shuji Onodera, Ryohei Kondo and Ko Murobushi in 2009 and worked as their choreography assistant. In 2010 she began to work on her own choreographies and dance projects. Her dance style in connection with music and language tell the story of the pieces she creates.

Internationally successfull

When she is not on the road as a dancer, she works as a director and choreographer, and she has also danced in Japanese TV commercials and international music videos. Since she had her first solo project abroad in 2014 in Sibiu, Romania, she has won several prizes and is now a regular guest at international dance festivals in Europe and South America with her choreographies.

This year she is not only responsible for the choreography with NIXON IN CHINA (German only) at the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, but will also be performing at the Main Matsuri in Frankfurt. She will then give a workshop to continue the artist exchange between the partner cities Yokohama and Frankfurt that began last year. It is planned that she will be supported by an artist from Frankfurt.

More information about Ms. Yo Nakamura you can find here.

Photos: ©Yo Nakamura &  ©bozzo


Drums from Yokohama – Nippon Connection 2018

The pink film festival, which went into its 18th round this year, once again brought together many interesting films and workshops, of which many could be shown and conducted together with directors, producers or lecturers from Japan. In addition to directors and lecturers from the Tokyo University of the Arts Yokohama, this year we welcomed four more directors and producers from Yokohama whose film screenings and workshops were sold out.

Reception for the Guests from Yokohama

The office of international affairs Frankfurt invited the guests from the partner city to a comfortable dinner, during which the filmmakers could exchange views with the directors of the Nippon Connection and the guest advisors, as well as Mrs. Bouillaut from the international office and us.

We were also able to witness the Taiko concert of Ichitaro, who lives in Yokohama and promised to store his drums in Frankfurt so that he could return for a concert at any time. Playing pieces that are actually designed for at least three drummers, his charming, witty manner, as well as his unusual style of using things from Japanese everyday life like a disused boiler or futon knocker as instruments, inspired the audience and made sure that his CDs sold out quickly. The artist will perform at the Main Matsuri in August.

Needlefelting Workshop for Kids

On the final day, the needle felt workshop took place, with which we supported this year's Nippon Connection. 20 children and some parents who supported their creative kids made pictures of mascot celebrities such as Pikachu or Cinnamoroll on felt sheets, either to apply them as patches to a bag or to make a bag themselves from the handcrafted piece. A small artist even made an image of the famous Hokusai wave on white felt.


The City of Yokohama changed into a stage for everyone

Every three years the art exhibition Triennale, the music festival Oto Matsuri and the dance dance dance festival are repeated. After the Triennale 2017, now follows the great dance festival, which transforms the entire city into a stage on which everyone can take part. Every day from the beginning of August to the end of September there will be a colorful program mix, which includes many dance styles and consists partly of performances and large dance parades, but also of workshops and dances, which every age group can join.

In preparation, large calls for tenders and castings for professional dancers, but also for amateur dancers, are currently being conducted. Pocari Sweat, for example, is looking for 100 high school students to participate in a huge choreography.

You would like to experience this dance festival and are planning a trip to Yokohama? If you have any questions or would like to know what else you can experience in Yokohama, call us anytime.

For further information also check the DanceDanceDance Homepage (Japanese only).


The student exchange in the best hands

Not all details of the new student exchange which will take place this year between the Ried School Frankfurt and the Sakuragaoka High School Yokohama have yet been clarified, but the Ried School has already been busy looking after exchange students from Yokohama for a long time.
Of course, the school has been doing this not only since yesterday but for several years now. So this March, two exchange students from Yokohama in Frankfurt were welcomed by the city of Frankfurt in the Römer and had a host family with students from the Ried School.

The interest in Yokohama grows

But even after that another two guest students who came to Frankfurt at the end of March from the Japanese-German Society as winners of a competition also found a friendly home with pupils from the Ried School. The study coordinator, Dr. Lembeck, saw this second exchange as an opportunity to introduce more students to the exchange between Japan and Germany or to give more students the opportunity to participate in it.
Unfortunately, only 15 of the 500 students can go to Yokohama in autumn, even though the number of applicants is high. The Japan fans of the school also participate in the school's Japan Club every week and the exchange students from Yokohama were able to visit them as well.

In April we also visited the Japan Club and gave the students an impression of the city in advance, which they will get to know better in the near future. This first presentation was about Yokohama's special features and sights. The students could see how the big harbor city is presented in the anime, a topic that especially fascinates the young generation, and at the end take home a recipe of the typical ramen dish Sanmamen.

Since the students are not only interested in culture but also in history and politics, we will visit them again shortly before the big trip and provide further information about Yokohama.

For the partner cities Yokohama and Frankfurt, Ried School is a strong partner that makes a decisive contribution to bringing forth cosmopolitan, tolerant and educated young personalities by promoting this exchange program.

You would like to know more about the school exchange or other exchange possibilities? Call us anytime.


Issei Ôtake and his team on their way to the finals

Since we were able to conduct an interview with Mr. Issei Ôtake at the end of January, he and his Team United Volleys have already reached the semi-finals and will now fight for a place in the final of the German Championship on April 18, 2018.

We would like to support him and his team in this way and are happy to announce this date:

"Japanese national volleyball player Issei Otake with the United Volleys in the semi-finals for the German Championship

Exclusive 5 Euro tickets for the game on April 18 at the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt

The Japanese international Issei Otake and his volleyball club United Volleys from Frankfurt will meet the reigning titleholder Berlin Recycling Volleys in the semi-finals of the German championship. Last year it was the end of the road against the Capitals. This year, the Hessians want to achieve something historic and enter the final for the first time in their still young history. The opening match will take place on 14 April in Berlin. On Wednesday, April 18, the second game of the "Best of three" series will take place at 7 p.m. in the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt. Help Issei Otake and his fellow players to turn the Fraport Arena into a witch's cauldron and create the sensation. Under this link, you can get discounted tickets for 5 Euro. The code is "UnitedVolleys2018".

We wish you a lot of fun!

United Volleys Frankfurt"


Japan Day in Düsseldorf 2018 – We were present for you!

As every year, this year's Japan Day inspired masses of Japan fans. A total of more than 600,000 people came to experience Japan's culture and taste its culinary delights. The highlight of the day, the big fireworks over the Rhine was as always one of the most important attractions of the annual event.


But the stage program as well had a lot to offer and 90 exhibitors brought merchandising, cultural aspects and travel information closer to the enthusiastic visitors. Thanks to the Japanese Consulate General in Düsseldorf, we also had the opportunity to present the city of Yokohama and were able to welcome many ladies and gentlemen in kimonos and yukata or unusual cosplay outfits who would like to meet Yokohama in the near or distant future.

Further information on the Japan-Day 2018 you can find here.

Find out where you can meet us next.

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Blossom festival at Lohrberg with Frankfurt-Yokohama tombola

At Frankfurt's highest point, the Lohrberg, the flower festival will once again take place in front of Frankfurt's skyline.

The Frankfurt Yokohama Citizens' Network is once again bringing Japanese and German culture together at this year's Apple Blossom Festival.

While enjoying German and Japanese specialties you can get to know the twin cities Frankfurt and Yokohama better at the partner city quiz and, with a little luck, win German and Japanese prizes at the tombola.

You can find the invitation of the Frankfurt Yokohama Citizens Network with further information here. (German & Japanese)



Workshops for children of the German school in Tokyo Yokohama

3 R Workshop - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On February 6, 2018, the kindergarten pupils of the German School in Tokyo Yokohama took a trip to the Tsuzuki District Office and the waste incineration plant. Through a quiz about garbage separation and a tour of a garbage truck, the trip turned out to be an exciting experience for the little ones, which not only ensured that the children learned to better understand the garbage recycling system of the city, but also that they could pass on this knowledge to their parents and that the teachers of the German school could teach the system in an understandable way.

Regular projects for children

Such projects are more common in the Tsuzuki ward for the local children, as many German families live in this part of the city. For example, on November 28, 2017, in cooperation with Bosch, Ikea Japan, Sakata No Tane and the Goethe Institute, a small exchange between pupils of the German school and the municipal Chigasakidai elementary school was arranged, which dealt specifically with the handling of garbage.

The 3Rs were introduced: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, a system presented to students by Ikea Japan. Also, on this day, the children were able to see a garbage truck and the garbage incineration plant. They then produced posters explaining the system.

The Tsuzuki Ward Office not only informs school classes but also provides German companies with explanatory posters that can be hung in the company.

If you have any questions about the German School or about living and working in Yokohama, we are happy to answer your call.


Frankfurt and Yokohama – a strong alliance even in the field of sports

Japanese international changes to first division volleyball club United Volleys Frankfurt

Shortly before the start of the season in October 2017, international player Issei Otake joins the successful first division volleyball team on the Main on the diagonal position. The 21-year-old attacker had already made his impression on the team during the summer in the World League due to his performance in the national team of the "Dragon Gods" and can now prove his potential in the United Volleys team that strongly promotes young talents.

The two-metre-large "Newnited" was born in Kawasaki on the outskirts of Frankfurt's twin city Yokohama and has inherited the volleyball fever: His older sister Riho is also a national player and father Hideyuki even reached the sixth place at the 1992 Olympic volleyball tournament in Barcelona.

At the end of January, we from the Yokohama Office Frankfurt had the opportunity to hold a conversation with Mr. Otake after the deserved 3:1 win against SWD powervolleys Düren. He told us that he had become accustomed to life in Germany by now, but that the language was often still an obstacle. He doesn't speak German at all, but he can handle English. The team welcomed him very friendly and because the language of the team is mostly English, he was able to cope very well with the team.

'I am very pleased to be part of the team in a city that is so closely connected to my hometown through the twinning,' he told us and wished that the Japanese living in Frankfurt would continue to support him, encourage him and come to his games. Until May 2018 Mr. Otake will stay with the United Volleys team.

Tickets and dates can be found here. (German)

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