Mice fair IMEX Frankfurt was held again for the first time in three years

IMEX Frankfurt 2022, Europe's largest MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) trade fair, was held from May 31 to June 2.

Approximately 9,300 buyers, including convention organizers and meeting planners from international academic societies and organizations, participated in this trade fair, in which approximately 2,300 organizations (conference centers, tourism associations, travel agencies, etc.) from more than 150 countries exhibited in the 18,000 m2 exhibition hall.

The Japan booth was led by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and was jointly exhibited by local governments and travel agencies. From Yokohama, the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau exhibited, conducting business meetings with conference organizers and promoting Yokohama's attractiveness as a convention host city.

Yokohama is home to PACIFICO Yokohama, which ranked first in the number of conferences held in Japan by venue in 2020 (for 18 consecutive years) according to JNTO international conference statistics.

Our office has promoted the event to conference organizers in Germany in advance of the event and will continue to support the attraction of MICE.

More information on the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau you can find here

More information on Pacifico Yokohama you can find here


While hand sanitizers were available at the venue, there were no rules regarding the presentation of vaccination certificates or the wearing of masks.

When we asked an exhibitor at the JAPAN booth about the number of visitors, he replied that it had not changed much from three years ago, when the event was last held.

We organized the online seminar ”YOKOHAMA, THE FUTURE MOBILITY HUB”!

On 24 March 2022, the City of Yokohama organized an online business seminar for German companies entitled 'YOKOHAMA, THE FUTURE MOBILITY HUB'. Led by the City of Yokohama Europe Representative Office and with the cooperation of the JETRO Düsseldorf Office and others, the seminar promoted innovation cooperation in Yokohama and the attractiveness of Yokohama as a destination.

The seminar began with opening remarks by the Mayor of Yokohama, Mr. Takeharu Yamanaka. He highlighted Yokohama's vibrant open innovation climate, with a concentration of global corporate headquarters and R&D centers, and introduced the educational and living environment, including the German School of Tokyo Yokohama. He also mentioned that more than 50 German companies are active in Yokohama and called for more companies to come to the city.

Next, Mr. Klaus Meder, president and representative director of Bosch Corporation, gave the main speech. The company is the Japanese subsidiary of one of automotive equipment suppliers, headquartered in Germany, which started operations in Yokohama over 110 years ago. Mr. Meder mainly gave a presentation on the Bosch group's first public-private partnership project in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama, which involves the construction of a new research and development facility and the Tsuzuki Ward Cultural Center (tentative name), and introduced the plan to relocate the company's headquarter’s function from Shibuya, Tokyo. He also said that Yokohama is the ideal place to create new innovations, with its rich technology, infrastructure, human resources and educational environment, and that he would like to work with the City of Yokohama for another 100 years.

This was followed by presentations of Mr. Takehiro Kuribayashi, Director of the Yokohama Europe Representative Office, and Mr. Dai Ueda, Director of the JETRO Düsseldorf Office. They introduced recent developments in Yokohama, such as the situation of industrial clusters mainly in the mobility sector and demonstration tests of automated driving. They also emphasized that JETRO has offices in three locations in Germany and Yokohama and works as a team with the City of Yokohama to support German companies investing in Japan.

Around 60 people attended the seminar. The Europe office in Frankfurt will continue to make contact in the future, to help them realize their expansion into Yokohama.

Asia Berlin Summit 2021 – Co-Creating Smart Cities

The annual week-long "Asia Berlin Summit" (organized by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Enterprises) brings together urbanization, start-up, and ecosystem experts from key Asian cities for networking and other events. The Chief Representative of our office participated in the official satellite event "Co-creating SmartCity 2025" as part of the celebration of the 160th anniversary of the German-Japanese ties.

During the discussion, the cooperation between "Innovation City Yokohama" and "The Drivery", an innovation center in Berlin specializing in mobility, was presented. The head of the office spoke about the importance of open innovation cooperation with Germany as well as the role of the office as a bridge between Germany and Yokohama within its mission and his ideas for future cooperation.

The Drivery spoke about how they have grown so fast in such a short period of time, and the Drivery start-ups shared their thoughts on doing business in Asia.

(1)Event dates
October 7, 2021, Onsite, Playing Field Digital Hub
Hybrid event in English


  • Moderator
  • Panelists
    ・The Drivery, Sales Director
    ・ELO Mobility Gmbh, CEO
    ・Economic Affairs Bureau, Yokohama City, New Industry Promotion Division, Manager
    ・The City of Yokohama Europe Representative Office, Chief Representative

More information on Innovation City Yokohama
More information on The Drivery

German Start-up support company CROSSBIE UG opens subsidy in Yokohama!


We are pleased to announce, that the Berlin-based entrepreneurial company CROSSBIE UG has expanded to Japan and established a Japanese subsidiary called CROSSBIE JAPAN K.K., in Yokohama.


CROSSBIE supports open innovation and global business for start-ups in both Japan and Europe. In June this year, an event was hosted in collaboration with the German innovation community, The Drivery, for the company's entry into the Japanese market.



Yokohama has been selected as a "Global Hub City" by the Japanese government, and is also cooperating with The Drivery and CROSSBIE's support program for Japanese and European start-ups, with the aim of creating start-ups that are active on the world stage.

Chika Yamamoto, CEO of CROSSBIE UG, commented on the expansion as follows:

"CROSSBIE aims to build an innovation ecosystem that spans Europe and Japan, breaking down the barriers between domestic and foreign demand and supporting the development of global businesses on a problem-solving basis.

With the support of the Yokohama Economic Affairs Bureau and in collaboration with The Drivery, we have launched CROSSBIE JAPAN, a program that connects the European start-up ecosystem with Japan. We are committed to supporting companies that want to grow faster in a fast-changing global market."

If, like this company, you are interested in expanding your business to Yokohama, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Adress:  3-chōme−35, Onoechō, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0015 Japan

Representatives: Chika Yamamoto (Germany), Atsushi Kondo (Japan)

Business content:  Global business and innovation support for Japanese and European start-ups

Opening: September 2021

Homepage: https://www.crossbie.co.jp/





Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The company takes its name from the Cross Border Innovation Ecosystem. Through its activities as a partner of JETRO's Global Acceleration Hub in Berlin, it actively supports Japanese startups to enter Europe and European startups to enter Japan.

Further information you will find here.

□The Drivery

Established in 2019. It operates an innovation center in Berlin, Germany, specializing in the mobility sector (e.g. automotive industry). It attracts startups, large companies and investors from Germany and abroad and has generated more than 650 billion yen (approx. 5 billion €)  in funding in the two years since opening. CROSSBIE is currently looking for Japanese startups to join its local partner program in Japan, which supports startups in Japan to enter the European market and open innovation between European startups and Japanese companies.

Further information you will find here.

Kaiko – German-Japanese Economic Dialogue in the Chamber of Commerce Offenbach

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Offenbach and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Frankfurt hold a workshop for business exchange every year and so on November 20, 2019 a German-Japanese Economic Dialogue took place at the same time as the Compamed and the Jetro Seminars in Helsinki and Düsseldorf at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Offenbach. While the Chief Representative managed the aforementioned events, Ms. Kordatzki took part in the business dialogue and exhibited a Yokohama stand to promote Yokohama as a business location and to network with the participants.

This year's main topics were "Artificial Intelligence in the Working Environment of the Future" and the German-Japanese Trade Agreement that came into force in February. In addition to the panel discussions on these topics, eight workshops and networking took place. In addition to Yokohama, eight other exhibitors exhibited at a stand.

With topics such as "Sales in Japan", "Meetings with Japanese Business Partners" or "German Business Culture", the workshops focused on the deeper understanding of the economy and culture between the two countries.

Since some participants visited the stands instead of participating in the workshops, the Yokohama stand was also visited during the workshop times. Start-up representatives, businessmen interested in the Japanese market as well as people who lived and worked in Yokohama came to the stand and informed themselves about the city. Thus this business dialogue was a good opportunity to present Yokohama's strength as a business location.

Yokohama as Business Location – Economic Seminars in Helsinki and Düsseldorf

Jetro Economic Seminar in Finland, Nov. 20,2019

During the Compamed, the Chief Representative travelled to Finland to attend the Jetro Business Seminar in Helsinki for the second consecutive year. He introduced Yokohama as a business location in a presentation, appeared as a panelist in the panel discussion and exhibited a Yokohama booth during the networking session. About 80 representatives from Finnish and Japanese companies attended the seminar.

In his presentation, the Chief Representative presented the reasons why many companies going to Japan choose Yokohama as their location and introduced the LIP and ITOP networks. In the panel discussion he had the opportunity to present the successes of the Smart City project, the Smart Business Association (YSBA) and the progress of the cooperation between city and citizens to achieve the zero-emission goal.

Jetro Economic Seminar in Düsseldorf, Nov. 21,2019

Just back from Helsinki, the Chief Representative took part in the next economic seminar that Jetro hosted at Medica/Compamed in Düsseldorf; the venue was directly adjacent to the Yokohama Pavilion at the Compamed. About 50 representatives of German and Japanese companies as well as local governments participated in this seminar. Here, too, there was the opportunity to present Yokohama as a business location and to network with the participants.

In the presentation, the participants learned about LIP and ITOP, but also about Yokohama's major advantages over other business locations: cost efficiency, ideal living and housing conditions, a highly qualified workforce and much more. Due to the excellent organization and coordination of Jetro, these seminars were an excellent opportunity to present Yokohama.

If you are interested in Yokohama as business location, we will gladly visit your company to give you further information. Just contact us any time.

Asia Pacific Forum 2019 in Fürth, Germany

In July this year, our Representative Office participated for the first time in the biennial Asia Pacific Forum. The forum is aimed at all those interested in expanding into the Asian market. Connections to Asia can be established or expanded at the booths as well as during business presentations. This year, Japan was the partner country of the forum, which prompted Jetro to exhibit a Japan pavilion. At one of the booths of this pavilion we were able to present information about Yokohama and the business opportunities in Yokohama.

The President of the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the State Secretary of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy welcomed the participants. The latter introduced the main guests of the event and paid a visit to the Japan Pavilion before the official opening.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time during the lectures for each local government to introduce itself, but the head of Jetro's Düsseldorf branch talked about them and also briefly introduced Yokohama.

A Bridge between Asia and Germany

However, there was plenty of time between the presentations to present Yokohama's economic advantages and opportunities to open a branch in Yokohama at the stand and during the networking. The stand was visited by numerous company representatives from the AI, energy and medical technology sectors, among others, and the LIP and ITOP networks and Yokohama's subsidy program were of particular interest to the visitors.

Find out how we can help you bring your small, medium or large-scale enterprise to Yokohama or give us a call.


Investing in Yokohama – Business seminar in Finland

In the beginning of December, the Chief Representative attended an economic seminar in Helsinki, Finland. The focus of this seminar, conducted by JETRO, was on companies, interested in investing in Japan and Mr. Tamai had the chance to do a presentation on Yokohama’s business opportunities and exhibit an information booth.

Like when exhibiting an information booth in Lyon at the Emperor’s birthday reception, it was clear to see that the IT- and Bio Life Science-networks ITOP and LIP Yokohama gained the main focus, since they complete the whole business package Yokohama: Easy access, cost efficiency, fast introduction to suppliers and distributors, incentives and government support and on top of all that a network between not only companies, but also with research institutes and the government, which in total grants companies that invest in Yokohama a fast and successful development.

In the past few months, Mr. Tamai had several opportunities to attend such seminars for interested companies and will continue to present Yokohama’s attractive business environment at future seminars. We will keep you informed where and when you can meet him, but you are always welcome to directly contact us to talk about your company’s business opportunities in Yokohama.


Haltermann Carless – New subsidiary in Yokohama

Last autumn Haltermann Carless, a leading international supplier of high-value hydrocarbon specialties and solvents and a company of HCS Group, opened their first subsidiary in Asia in the city of Yokohama and thereby fosters the already strong tie with the Yokohama automotive market. The company is worldwide renowned for their performance fuels and their customer-defined solutions to local automotive industries. “Yokohama is an excellent location for us to expand our business. It gives us the opportunity to be close to our automobile and other industries customers while at the same time it offers reasonable business operational costs”, says Hisakazu Akiyama, Managing Director of Haltermann Carless Japan.

Cleaner Technologies

To introduce solutions to reduce carbon emissions and enhance efficiency, the company puts a lot of effort in research and development projects together with the major automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Hisakazu Akiyama explains: “I am delighted to support our highly developed automotive market with well-tested and progressive technologies from Europe to foster cleaner fuel or hybrid technologies and other technical solutions.”

Yokohama convinces with flair

When talking to Mr. Stubbe, the Chief Financial Officer of the HCS Group, he opened up about the decision to establish a subsidiary in Yokohama. As a businessman, you must consider the economic facts first and Yokohama offers a lot of economic advantages, compared to other cities in Japan. But on top of that, there were some personal reasons that helped the decision: When Yokohama opened its port to the West in 1859 for the first time, it was also the very beginning of Haltermann Carless – a beautiful coincidence that, with a twinkle in the eye, might speak of fate. Another reason is Yokohama’s international flair that keeps a healthy balance between business environment and providing for individual needs like recreation.

Mr. Stubbe expects the tie between his company and the Japanese market to grow even stronger because with the new subsidiary they can now keep the personal contact and foster the mutual understanding, whenever the customer needs it. He also expects to be able to add a lot of value to the Japanese automotive market and hopes for more companies to enter the healthy economic cycle in Yokohama.

If you are interested in following the example and would like to talk about your business opportunities, feel free to contact us anytime.


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E-mail:   info@h-c-s-group.com

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OMB Management GMBH opened new Headquarter in Yokohama

In addition to the German and Australian headquarter, OMB Management GmbH opened another headquarter in Yokohama. The company is focused on small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are interested in trade and expansion from Asian countries or Australia to Europe and vice versa and constructs suitable sales strategies and business plans. The concept is put into action together so that SMEs can thrive in the international market.

OMB Japan Co. Ltd.
TOC Minato Mirai 10F, 1-1-7 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, 231-0062 Yokohama, Japan

Mr. Michael Eckardt

May, 2017

Ms. Hiroko Nomura

+81 45 228 5181



OMB Management GmbH
Gabriele-Münter-Weg 10, 32657 Lemgo, Deutschland

May 9, 2016

OMB Management GmbH

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