C40 Award for the best Measures tackling Climate Change

The Yokohama Smart City Project, within the frame of the Future City, was awarded the C40 Cities Award for the constant efforts in finding solutions and working against the climate change. The Smart City Project not only aims to companies, but to the whole city, including the citizens. It’s the first time for a city in Japan to receive an award for Clean Energy. In fact, the award motivated companies and citizens even more to work on solutions to the climate change. The award presentation ceremony took place in December 2nd, 2016 in Mexico at the C40 Mayors Summit, that brought together the C40 Mayors from all over the world.

In cooperation with Yokohama’s private companies, the Smart City Project aims to the proceeding of the use of renewable energy and an appropriate energy management. Therefore the ‘Yokohama Smart Business Organization’ was founded on the base of public and private corporation, helping the city proceed in the fields disaster prevention and management, environment and economy.Mike Bloomberg - C40 Cities Award

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