Business Opportunities

General Information

The City of Yokohama is situated about 25 kilometers to the southwest of central Tokyo. Its population of over 3.7 million makes it the second largest city in Japan.

Because Yokohama is so close to Tokyo, many of the two cities' economic and other activities are linked. Indeed, people outside Japan probably find it hard to see a difference between the two cities. In practice, however, Yokohama has its own unique culture, industry, and commerce. The city is independent in both political and economic terms and offers its own attractions and services.

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Situated almost in the centre of the Japanese archipelago, Yokohama has a temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. To the southwest, Yokohama has a long waterfront on Tokyo Bay. The city radiates into the Japanese interior, fading into an extensive hilly area with an abundance of greenery. In summer, as in most parts of Japan, heavy rainfalls come down on the city. In winter Yokohama has almost no snowfall.

What makes Yokohama special

The most important economic feature of Yokohama is its role as a port city, which has led to bustling activity in the fields of trade, commerce, marine, transportation, and shipbuilding. The industrial belt covering the eastern part of the city and continuing north along Tokyo Bay is one of the best-known in the world. It is home to a variety of manufacturing businesses, including electrical equipment, machinery, and automobiles.
Many of these companies are world leaders in hi-tech manufacturing and are setting global standards for the research and development of advanced technologies.

Human Resources

Due to the high number of science and engineering universities and graduate schools in Yokohama, including the Yokohama City University, Kanto Gakuin University and Yokohama National University, Yokohama City is ranked 1st among cities designated by government ordinance of Japan for the high number of specialists, technical professionals and the number of academic or R&D institutes.
That is why there are several key global companies with R&D sites in Yokohama, like BASF Japan, Bosch Corporation, Continental Automotive Corporation and many more.

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Easy Access and reasonable Office Rent Fee

With the Haneda and Narita International Airports close by, easy access to the whole world is granted and ensures smooth communication with oversea companies, business and trade partners. On top of that the Yokohama infrastructure is so convenient, it takes max. 28 minutes to get to Tokyo and Shinkansen bullet train lines will take you to other important business destinations in Japan very fast.

Tokyo 28 minutes by train
Narita International Airport 90 minutes by train
Haneda International Airport 24 minutes by train
Kyoto & Osaka less than 2.5 hours by Shinkansen (bullet train)

Compared to Tokyo, even in the most popular business area Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama City not only offers 1.6 times larger space of offices, the rent fee per 3.3m² is approximately 40% lower.

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IDEC Yokohama

The Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (IDEC) assists small and medium-sized businesses in consolidating and developing their business foundation, providing management solutions and supporting business creation and expanding businesses internationally. IDEC not only supports companies individually but also provides networking opportunities by hosting special events.

here you can find further information on IDEC and the list of companies in Yokohama promoted by IDEC (Business Bridge 2018). Have a look at the companies list for business matching and finding out how IDEC can promote your enterprise, too.

Various Business Fields

Yokohama gathers businesses of various sizes and industries from world-class enterprises to small and medium-sized companies with advanced technologies. From the coordination between these business and technologies, Yokohama provides the potential to cope with new businesses in the fields of automotive, medical, information and communication, construction industry and academic and marketing research.
The following examples show a glimpse of the variety of Yokohama’s business opportunities:

Global Companies in Yokohama

Bridgestone Corp. Hitachi, Ltd. IHI Corp. JGC Corp. JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. Kyocera Corp. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. NHK Spring Co., Ltd. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Ricoh Co., Ltd. Rohm Co., Ltd. Toshiba Corp. JVC Kenwood Corp.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies

Accenture Japan Ltd. Bosch Corp. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Lenovo (Japan) Ltd. TÜV Rheinland  Japan Ltd. Continental Automotive Corp. Johnson  Controls, Inc.

Following this link, you will find Yokohama's Business Directory in which you can find a list of the various business field's companies in Yokohama and interviews.

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IT (Information Technology)

About 3,500 IT-related companies are located in Yokohama. There are several semiconductor design-related companies, but there is also a degree of concentration of numerous system development companies

IT Cluster Networking

To promote urban development and create a new business network taking advantage of the concentration of IT companies, regular meetings by local companies are held mainly to update information.

Examples of IT Companies in Yokohama

Fujisoft Inc. Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd. I-NET Corp. Tecmo Koei Holdings Co., Ltd. Macnica, Inc. NTT Electronics Corp.
Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Renesas Micro Systems Co., Ltd.
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center Sony LSI Design Inc. Tokyo Electron Device Ltd. ZUKEN Inc.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies

ARM K.K. Global foundries Japan Ltd. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd. Samsung Yokohama Research Institute Co., Ltd. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. TSMC Japan Ltd. Tata Consultancy Services Japan Ltd. Tensilica Inc. Wipro Ltd. Japan Office

Here you can find some examples of Yokohama's IT network.

Biotechnology and Life Science

The City of Yokohama, in an effort to develop and integrate bio-related industries, has been developing the Yokohama Science Frontier and has established "Yokohama Joint Research Center", "Leading Venture Plaza" and "Yokohama Bio Industry Center (YBIC)" in this area. New cooperation and new business opportunities will be expected among the companies in the facilities. Also located in the Yokohama Science Frontier is the famous world-class RIKEN Yokohama Institute.

RIKEN Yokohama Institute in Yokohama Science Frontier conducts comprehensive research into plant and animal genetic, genomic and protein structures and functions from the molecular level to entire organisms

For further information please go to Riken Yokohama

Bio-cluster through Enhanced Networking

The City of Yokohama has joined forces with the Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation for the Advancement of Life Sciences and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and lndustry to encourage the formation of bio-clusters and interpersonal networks, support for biotech companies, and to foster ties between academia and industry. Many bio venture companies are members of these networks.


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Special Zone for Life Innovation

Together with Kanagawa Pref. and Kawasaki City, Yokohama was designated as the Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness Development (CSZICD) by the Japanese government in December 2011. It could bring together medical and drug-related companies as well as facilities engaged in leading-edge research in areas such as life sciences, cancer and public health, so as to boost Japan’s international competitiveness in these fields. Within the designated areas, relaxing regulations would be carried out, and tax and budget privileges would also be provided.

Examples of Biotechnology Companies in Yokohama

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. FANCL Corp. Kirin Engineering Co., Ltd. Medinet Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.Sakata Seed Corp. Shiseido Co., Ltd.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies

Bruker AXS K.K. Charles River Laboratories Japan, Inc. PerkinElmer Japan Co., Ltd. Thermo Fisher Scientific K.K