Industry & Technology Centers

German Industry Park (GIP)

The German Industry Park, managed by JG Japan, takes a lot of pride in being the first of its kind in the whole of Asia. Opened in 1987, it has a very long experience in promoting foreign business in Japan. It is therefore regarded as an important part of Yokohama's striving to become an even more international and high-tech oriented city.

The facility offers leased space to foreign companies not only from Germany for research and development activities. The special strength of German Industry Park is the provision of office space, as well as warehouse/production space in the same building. The main use of the building is advanced technology research, management and other services, manufacturing, distribution and processing, product displays and warehousing. GIP is playing a very important role in the activities of R&D-based companies.


The building was constructed on a 1 hectare (2.47 acre) site within the Hakusan High-tech Park in the north of Yokohama. This park is a research industry complex for advanced technology companies and high added-value and knowledge-intensive products, harboring offices or production facilities of companies like Kenwood Corp., Macnica Inc., Murata Manufacturing, Showa Optronics, Ono Sokki and others.  

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British Industry Center  (BIC)

The British Industry Centre opened in January 1998 as one of the main projects of the "Action Japan" campaign launched by the British Department of Trade and Industry to promote exports to Japan. It is situated on the 11th floor (west tower) of the prestigious Yokohama Business Park in Yokohama's Hodogaya Ward right in the center of the city (not far from Yokohama Station) and is occupied by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan as well as several British companies. As its objectives are to reduce start-up costs for British companies entering Japan, the BIC provides affordable space for common use like running a representative office in Japan.

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Canadian Industry and Trade Center (CITC)

The Canadian Industry & Trade Center (CITC) was opened in Yokohama Business Park (YBP) in 2001 to provide common space for Canadian companies and thereby to reduce their start-up costs and to facilitate their smooth participation in the Japanese market.

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US-Japan Technology Village Partnership Industry Center (TVP)


The Technology Village Partnership is a cooperative venture of several US companies with the common goal of advancing research and expanding their business in Japan. Completed in late 1998, the US-Japan Technology Village Partnership (TVP) project within the Keihin Waterfront Area of Yokohama has the objective of providing common space for US companies and thereby reducing costs, increasing the synergy effect among companies entering Japan, and expanding markets in Japan. The facility was constructed to meet the needs of TVP participating members. Tenant members enjoy various functions, including office space, research and development, testing and storage, and processing and assembly, in a single building.

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