Best-Practices of the IUC cooperation in Brussel

Yokohama and Frankfurt further deepened their partnership in the field of energy, environment and urban development when in mid-October they met with representatives from this year's 80 cities participating in the IUC project at the European Parliament in Brussels for a general and partner city specific meeting. After a presentation by the Vice-Chairman of the EU Regional Committee and a panel discussion, the partner cities had the opportunity to present their current activities and progress, to exchange opinions along with the other partner cities and to talk about ideas in theme groups afterward. Our representative office participated in the Smart City theme group.

Yokohama and Frankfurt reported on their experiences from their visits to the respective twin cities in April and August this year, presented best practice examples that could be incorporated into future development plans and discussed what the action plan will look like until April next year. The special feature of the IUC project is that the partner cities are very similar, which is why they can work very closely together and also develop a joint action plan in close cooperation and with the support of the IUC Secretariat.

Although the cooperation between the City of Yokohama and the City of Frankfurt in the IUC project will be terminated in May 2019, we expect that the good network that developed and will continue to grow as a result of this cooperation will contribute to the continuation of cooperation between the two cities in one way or another in the jointly developed areas after the end of the project, and will continue to be of great benefit to both cities in the future.

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