Our Mission

  • encourage economic cooperation, be it on the administrative level or between companies
  • attract European investment and business interests to Yokohama
  • support Yokohama businesses to become more active in the European market
  • conduct information exchange between Yokohama and Europe


On a day to day basis we:

  • provide detailed information on Yokohama and the Japanese market in general to interested European companies and administrations: market research, feasibility studies, Yokohama land and rent prices, office and production site locations, etc.
  • introduce European companies to potential business partners or distributors in Yokohama
  • coordinate business missions to Yokohama, tailored to specific interests and including tours of business facilities, project sites, and government offices
  • assist European companies who plan to invest in Yokohama in obtaining financial support from the Yokohama City Government


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us