Variety is Living Quality

When coming to an unknown city what helps you the most to get used to it is to find a variety of familiar things. Since Yokohama was the first port to open to the western civilization, it’s the city of Japan that is most used to many different cultural influences. This leads to a mixture of Japanese and Western architecture –like the red-brick warehouse– and culture and eventually to the most vibrant mixture for living quality.

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This variety also shows in the diverse number of schools and universities among which you can find 10 international schools including the German School of Tokyo and Yokohama.

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Support for foreign Residents

The Yokohama City Government offers advice for foreign residents in several languages. It also publishes a Living Guide with important and useful information about living in Yokohama. The Living Guide(PDF, 1.2 MB) also lists information on a large number of English-speaking doctors who cater to the expatriate community.

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) promotes international exchange and cooperation. It is particularly committed to the creation of a richer "internationality" in Yokohama, for example by providing support for foreign residents.

 In cooperation with Yokohama City Government, YOKE publishes newsletters with information on living in Japan in various foreign languages and provides consultation opportunities for non-Japanese and educational support for their children. YOKE also offers a "Yokohama City Citizen Volunteer Interpreter Dispatch Program".

YOKE cooperates closely with the eleven Yokohama-based International Lounges (Nishi, Aoba, Izumi, Kanazawa, Konan, Kohoku, Tsuzuki Tsurumi, Naka, Hodogaya, and Minami) and provides support for the training of their personnel. The International Exchange Lounge Corners offer various kinds of support so that foreign residents can have a safe and enjoyable life in Yokohama, including Japanese lessons for foreign residents.

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Medical Care

In Yokohama you can find several hospitals that offer a multilingual medical care service and provide interpreters. In the AMDA International Medical Information Center you are offered free over-the-phone interpretation upon medical examination and suitable medical facilities are suggested.

For more information take a look at the following pages:

AMDA International Medical Information Center

MIC Kanagawa

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Safe Urban Infrastructure

Considering moving to Yokohama sooner or later the thought about earth quakes occurs. Yokohama City prevents big damages to buildings and infrastructure by using a special way of building. Large underground water tanks can provide 3 days’ worth of drinking for 500,000 people.

Amusement Parks - Cosmo World and Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Yokohama Cosmo World has the magnificent ferry wheel that is part of the skyline of Yokohama. It’s one of the world’s largest and part of a stunning amusement park in the heart of the city. There’s no entrance fee and you only pay for individual rides, so it’s also fun to just take a walk and watch.
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a large theme park with many different types of amusement. The huge tanks going over several floors make you feel like swimming together with giants of the ocean. At the Fureai Lagoon, you can even pet dolphins or walruses.

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Zoorasia, Kanazawa Zoo, and Nogeyama Zoo offer you a great insight into animal wildlife. Nogeyama Zoo is even free of admission charge, right in the heart of the city and has some red pandas.

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Outdoor Activity and Sport

Stunning views of the port town fascinate each visitor. But you can also enjoy driving watercrafts on the sea.
The many parks facing the ocean offer a broad space for jogging or picnicking, but there are several indoor sport facilities such as Swimming Pools, Skate Centers or Indoor Skiing as well. Those who are fond of watching spot matches there are two stadiums.

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