General Information

The City of Yokohama is situated about 25 kilometers to the southwest of central Tokyo. Its population of over 3.7 million makes it the second largest city in Japan.

Because Yokohama is so close to Tokyo, many of the two cities' economic and other activities are linked. Indeed, people outside Japan probably find it hard to see a difference between the two cities. In practice, however, Yokohama has its own unique culture, industry, and commerce. The city is independent in both political and economic terms and offers its own attractions and services.

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Natural Environment / Geography

Situated almost in the centre of the Japanese archipelago, Yokohama has a temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. To the southwest, Yokohama has a long waterfront on Tokyo Bay. The city radiates into the Japanese interior, fading into an extensive hilly area with an abundance of greenery. In summer, as in most parts of Japan, heavy rainfalls come down on the city. In winter Yokohama has almost no snowfall.


Located on the edge of Tokyo Bay, Yokohama is a mere 28 minutes away from Tokyo. Shinkansen (bullet train) service from Shin-Yokohama Station places Kyoto, Osaka and other parts of Japan within easy reach.

Tokyo 28 minutes by train
Narita International Airport 90 minutes by train
Haneda International Airport 24 minutes by train
Kyoto & Osaka less than 2.5 hours by Shinkansen (bullet train)