OMB Management GMBH opened new Headquarter in Yokohama

In addition to the German and Australian headquarter, OMB Management GmbH opened another headquarter in Yokohama.


Frankfurt & Yokohama

New Artist Exchange – Opening with big Motto

For Justus Becker, the famous graffiti artist from Frankfurt, the artist exchange between Yokohama and Frankfurt began with the first meal...


City politics

20. anniversary of the Yokohama Representative Office in Frankfurt!

Our office was already established in 1963 in Hamburg, even before the port became the sister port of Yokohama.



Sustainable Urban Development made in Yokohama and Frankfurt

After the beginning of the new artist exchange, we are happy to announce even one more new exchange project between Yokohama...


Culture & Travel

Review: The Triennale 2017 in Yokohama

This year’s Triennale exhibition ended on November 5th, 2017. After three months 259.000 people visited the main exhibition and the surrounding...



Christmas market in the famous Red Brick Warehouse

Legend has it, that the tradition of the Christmas market started in Germany, in Frankfurt in the year 1393. Ever since...


Special Topic

New school exchange will deepen the city partnership!

On Tuesday, November 14, the school partnership agreement between the Yokohama Sakuragaoka highschool and the Schule am Ried in Frankfurt was...


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